Eternal life

Eternal life

Eternal life

There is a life with no ifs, ands or buts. Just Now,

no past, nothing finished or “anyhow”.

Nothing over and done or down.

no future, nothing just around the corner.

no next, nothing in the course of time to be born.

Nothing goes wrong

Nothing you belong

No past anymore that strangling suffocates reversibility

No past anymore of regret and irreversibility.

No more uncertain future that is determined by variable choices.

No more future that false shout down the present voices.

But just a now that the present in full let enjoy

A now in which I am finally arrived and deploy

No, I’m not a dreamer, I am a believer.

No heaven above, no hell below.

No religion or conviction aglow.

And than arise the Only All in All.

I haven’t to imagine me anything as prime.

I only need to turn off the time.

And put on the Light, that’s all.

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